Monday, April 25, 2011

Live Your Life On The Edge, Just Don't Step Off.

It is far too often that we live our lives shut away in a closet fearing what life holds for us. Pick your euphemism; when it's your time it's your time, when the reaper comes-a-call'in, it all amounts to the same thing; when your numbers up, it's up. Personally, I believe God has a plan and it is exactly what it sounds like, his plan. If we think nothing bad will happen if we just play it safe, we sell ourselves short on that plan. Conservative goals breed a conservative life, and a conservative life will leave you with one thing in abundance, regret. I'm not saying we should all take to playing chicken with freight trains, just don't let a fear of life replace the joy of success, or failure. Experience everything, preferably within the limits of your respective legal jurisdictions, but experience it all none the less. Life is short, take advantage of what this world has to offer. Dance, laugh, run, help a stranger for no reason, or make total fools of yourselves, just don't do it on national TV unless you are Charlie Sheen. Go out and find your personal edge wherever that edge may lie. Set up camp there and don't ever leave. Write that amazing novel, paint a masterpiece, bike in the Tour De France, compete in The Iron Man, sky dive naked, whatever it is, just do it. Find that edge and live there. If you don't, wondering if you should, could change to wishing you had, and by then it could be too late. What's your edge? What do you want to do. Post it here then go do it! Just stay away from those trains.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pain Nourishes Courage

No one likes to have horrible things happen to them but the courage to overcome is born from the ashes of adversity. What if everything in life was candy and sunshine. Well, first we would all be fat and sunburned, but that point aside, if everything was good, we would never have the courage to grow and mature. If you're going through bad times look for the light at the end of the tunnel. If you stop, you'll never get there, but if you keep going you will make it to that sunshine. Bring lots of suntan lotion with you though. As this is my first post to this blog I am sure I will be writing it largely to myself. I think it might be a little strange if I reply to my own post so if you stop by, say hi. Tell me something you have been through that made you a better person.